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457075_10150635690749207_1414270531_oFor as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by dead folks. Truth is, you have too, but the difference is, I can see and hear them. I ignored them for decades, but that didn’t discourage them from hanging out with me, not even a little bit. So here I am, being a reluctant medium.

I originally began this site as an online journal of sorts. Somewhere to chronicle my weird daily life and mind boggling events that seemed to happen to me way more than other people I knew. I still have a place here for that. Read my stories, I promise they are 100% true.

Over the years, I have developed my abilities and continue to add new skills all the time. I learned I am able to help earthbound spirits cross over when they are lost and just need a little help finding the way. Than I began to help people connect with passed loved ones.

Several years ago I began using energetic tools such as pendulums and tarot cards to strengthen connections.

I love working with psychic kids and their families to help navigate life with metaphysical gifts and create an environment of encouragement and acceptance.

I have also worked toward and earned my Reiki Master certification and provide Reiki sessions for people and pets.

Speaking of pets, I’m currently working on my Animal Communication skills. Soon I will be adding Animal Communication to my list of services, and I’m so excited about it, so make sure to check back!