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Is the Ghost Radar iPhone app a useful investigation tool?

In my paranormal internet browsing, I’ve come across several things mentioning an iPhone app called Ghost Radar. I was skeptical (yes, it is possible for a medium to be skeptical), even though I was fed a stream of info saying how amazing it was, even by people such as Chip Coffey (he discusses his experiences with the app on his blog).

But I splurged the ninety-nine cents and was prepared to be entertained by another iPhone game.

I got way more than I bargained for.

Within the first couple of hours after downloading and firing it up, I was already getting some pretty astounding results. But before I tell you some of my experiences, let me explain a little more about Ghost Radar. I will preface this by saying I have no idea how this thing could possibly work. But after my results, I’m thinking there’s something to it.

Supposedly, it measures energy changes and detects where these are and just how strong they are as well as indicated by color coding (blue=slight change, green=slightly stronger, yellow=strong, red=very strong). It also will say aloud words that could be spoken by entities around you. I will add a side note here that 75% of what the app says makes no sense to me and seems to be a completely random assortment of words. As I said before though, when the results are right on, they are creepily right on.

It also has a bunch of numbers all over the screen that mean nothing to me, as well as a section in the bottom right hand corner that spews letters, also seemingly randomly. I didn’t realize until later how these letters could be useful.

Here’s a few pics with explanations of what you’re looking at in the caption:

As promised, here’s a few things this app has done while I have been using it:

Within the first couple of hours it had been chatting away (nothing of meaning to me). While in the kitchen, I noticed it said “mice”. Um, OK, there’s another random word for ya…then my husband appears holding his brand new fancy earbuds that had been chewed up by mice (the tiny teeth marks were the tell). An eyebrow was raised, but I still wasn’t convinced.

Over the next several days, though, it said “fuel” as I was pulling into a gas station, said “Mexico” and “citizen” while eating at a Mexican restaurant, has said my first name as well as my maiden name (now that was just creepy), spelled my initials several times, said “wait” as I was becoming impatient in a line, and while my 3 year old was trying to convince it to say his name it said “foot” and seconds later he fell due to the phone charger cord being wrapped around his foot.


This is not every instance of it’s creepiness, but you get the idea.

I was not planning on actually using this as a tool on this past weekends paranormal investigation, but it turned out to be pretty amazing during that evening as well. So, for those of you who noticed my lack of audioboo and twitter updates, now you know it was due to my iPhone being occupied by another app. As well as an incredibly fast paced and exciting hunt. And with no wi-fi near, it is tricky to keep posting.

I’ll make it up by blogging as many details as I can possibly remember.

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  1. veggygirl veggygirl

    I also downloaded the ghost rader apllication. It then told me i was going trick or treating with casey and be careful. Well I went trick or treating with my friends including casey and the kids kept slipping on the wet leaves and falling down.. Tripped me out.

  2. Daysea Daysea

    Hi there : )
    I also got the app for ghost radar.At first I was a little nervous about firing up the thing but it turned out to be very of the sessions I had was amazing.It said: “Event,buried,forgotten.” The following day was Easter Sunday and went to mom’s house.She happened to comment how badly she felt that she had completely forgotten her mom’s anniversary of her death.That I do not for a minute believe was a coincidence.THanks for posting your experiences!



  3. Jason Jason

    it’s not a real ghost tracker… its a bunch of crap.. I talked to mine for awhile. i would ask questions and it would answer back in text. I asked it if it they were really ghost.. The voice and text said no.. It’s confirmed.

  4. Dave Dave

    After downloading it to my iPhone within a few minutes it said my mother’s name. She passed away a month before. It also said ” bottle ” another time when I was sitting in the car having my lunch while working. There was a plastic water bottle inches away from the iphone at the time.
    Other than those two times it basically blurts out random words.

  5. Ray Ray

    Well I don’t have an Iphone but my roommate does. My wife and I started off renting a home in NC. All was well until we went out one night spotting deer and spotted a grave yard. When the beam of light hit the grave yard a brilliant light appeared and floated off into the woods faster than I have seen anything move. A few weeks later some odd things began to occur in the house. Lights would be turned on, doors unlocked and opened, dryer turned off opened and cloths pulled out. All went with no explaination. My buddy decided to download the app for his Iphone and boy did we find out who it was. His name is Bill and he was in a car accident according to the app upon questioning. The questions were answered in a timely manner too.

  6. jm jm

    i got the classic app for my coby 7015 tablet and was so intrigued just paid the dollar for the updated version the classic gave me and my girlfriend a real feedback we got the name jack i was in the kitchen trying to get the app to run better scrolling thru my menus and it said puzzle then i went and sat on the couch and it said seat that was creepy and to the point when i started the app for the first time within seconds it said electricity major shock anyway i was sceptical but now im not so sure

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